The Investigations Division is supervised by Captain J.C. Luke. Captain Luke supervises the day to day operations of the Sheriff’s Investigations Division and performs administrative and supervisory Law
Enforcement work for the Sheriff and Union County. The InvestigationsDivision is divided into smaller specialized units called bureaus.

  1. Detectives
    The Detective bureau investigates criminal offenses. All felony offenses, missing persons and select misdemeanor, unless solved immediately, are handled by this team. Detectives work on cases that are primarily located in their assigned geographic area and often have areas of expertise such as juveniles, sex crimes or electronic crimes.
  2. Narcotics
    The Sheriff’s Office operates a Narcotics and Gang Investigation Unit, however, due to the nature of their assignments, information concerning this bureau is kept confidential.
  3. Crime Scene
    The Crime Scene Investigation Unit is responsible for documenting all major homicide, suspicious death, robbery, arson and sexual assault crime scenes. They have a basic forensic lab on-hand and access to a state level lab for advanced processing.
  4. Community Resources
    The Community Resources Bureau provides support to the community and various bureaus within the Sheriff’s Office. Our mission is to increase public awareness, security and prevention measures to continue making our communities a safe place to live and work. The bureau is supervised by a Lieutenant and two Sergeants, 1 K-9 Deputy and a number of School Resource Officers assigned to every county middle and high school, as well as the Alternative School in Waxhaw.